Does your company require a validation periodically due to the malfunction in your database? Or are you suspecting your employees for the loss in your office? Well, say goodbye to the bad times, because real time Televalidation services are here. Do your voicemail marketing techniques require an update or a different voice perhaps, or are you unhappy with your call-centre employees? Validating your services could just be the only thing you need at the moment to get your profits running.

So, how robust or informative is your company's database?

Does it require a health check up every now and then and is your boss already tired of it?

Assuming that this already has been influencing and affecting your customers in the wrong way, how about validating your telemarketing services for real-time, so your business is running smoothly and so are the voices of your employees. Substantiation of your contacts and missing out on your prospective customers could cost you millions perhaps. That is precisely why tele-verification or validation is required the most.

With Pegasi Media Group Real-Time Tele-validation Services, you can

  • Create better campaigns using powerful, data-driven insights
  • Get more leads with accurate & up-to-date contact information
  • Reach more customers with real-time data validation
  • Superior customer experiences through accurate data

Our Tele-verification services are designed to cleanse your databases into absolutely fresh and clean by scrapping the old, inactive records. We identify the discrepancies in the existing records and immediately fix them through a quick validation process. No one likes Spam in their lives and definitely their emails, so why build up and store the spam in the database of your organization? Cleaning the database or verifying the data entirely helps the organization to serve their customers accurately and are also updated.

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