Email Marketing is one of the most convenient and is less time consuming. Emails have been one of the primary forms of communicating through New Media even before social media was introduced to the world.

Email verification all about, is it just about getting your emails delivered instead of being bounced? Well, it is much more than just that. Getting emails delivered is just one aspect of it, where you can now reduce your bounce rate.

Keeping invalid emails from getting into your database and avoid losing conversions due to user input errors cannot be more simplified than this. Supporting your target market with quality data just got easier with our Email Verification and Validation service.

With Pegasi Media Group Email Verification and Validation Services, you can

  • Keep invalid emails from getting into your database
  • Improves deliverability rates and reduces bounces
  • Enhance your deliverability rate and maximize the ROI of your email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure email messages get to your intended audience quickly and effectively

With the initiation of how emails can be directly sent to the 'Inbox' of potential customers and clients, email verification aims to reach a wider audience. Email Marketing involves Email verification as just a part of this very marketing strategy so that at the end of the day, the organization feels that the consumer always has the upper hand and eventually both are winning teams due to the exchange value of the product. So, identifying the need of a client is easier than implementing it. And in this case, email verification does exactly that.

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