Pegasi Media Group provides you with the updated business phone numbers through phone appending to the b2b telemarketers who believe in making phone calls to the decision-makers directly. Phone append comes handy when the customers don’t respond to direct mails or when your email campaigns are being unread owing to their busy schedule.

Phone Appending Service adds new phone numbers as well as updates the phone numbers that are not in use anymore. Pegasi Media Group restores you the contact numbers of the customers using different types of tools and services out of which Phone Appending Services is one of them. The phone number changes are prone to frequent changes when the job or the geographical location changes, which makes it tough to track them. However, an updated phone number restores your contact with your customers in no time.

Tracking down the phone numbers is not an easy job as they change more frequently for which you need to give special attention so it can be updated from time to time. To get in touch with your customers, you either need to have a telephone or the mobile number so you can communicate with them immediately. An updated phone number helps you to get in touch with the customers very quickly. Pegasi Media Group can help you to get the contact number of the customers that you have lost so you can reconnect with your existing customer. This ensures that the customer is loyal to your organization.

Pegasi Media Group also offers you a vast coverage, verified data, fast turnaround, at the best and affordable rates with an uncompromising accuracy. If you are thinking of phone appending service, you are at the right place. Pegasi Media Group adds as well as updates the missing phone numbers to the last known customers phone number which helps you to contact them more efficiently, guaranteeing success in your business campaign.

What if your organization could get in touch with your lost customers and add them on to the potential customers? Wouldn't that be just the solution that every marketing agency is looking for when it comes to finding better prospects? Well, to your surprise, the Phone Appending service does exactly that.

Along with several other services that reduce cost, phone appending services also work towards reducing the cost of marketing agency and in fact prove to gain higher incomes and results. When the ultimate goal of marketing is to increase buyers and traffic on websites, it is fundamental for the organization to firstly broaden their marketing horizons. While external factors have made it difficult to reach your customers, what actions are you taking to update your database with valid customer numbers? Well, I suggest you to take up the phone appending service that is being offered to make things and life in a way much simpler.

How to build the phone database online?

There are ways to build your own online contact database. One is to import the phone database and get it verified from the right database vendor. The other way is to get the phone number through online subscription. However, the latter one is time-consuming. Pegasi Media Group supplies you with the phone database with uncompromised quality in large volumes as well as appends your phone database through Phone Appending Services. However, if you are looking forward to building a quick and accurate phone database online, you are in the right place.

Advantages of Phone Appending Service

Pegasi Media Group offers the following advantages

  • Reconnect with old contacts after reviving them
  • Get the contact number of new customers
  • Get a competitive edge over your competitors
  • Fills out the missing details of the customers, thereby completing them.
  • Maximize your marketing opportunity
  • Clean Data File
  • Verified contact number
  • Improves your database
  • Faster Turn-Around-Time.
  • Reduce waste associated with inaccurate telephone numbers
  • Increase marketing campaign ROI
  • Reach decision makers

One of the challenges in outbound telemarketing services is the missing and wrong telephone numbers in your marketing database. With tighter laws and National Do-Not-Call Registry, the company's access to customers is restricted. That is precisely where phone append services come into play.


  • Regularly updated phone numbers
  • Fresh & unique records
  • Highly Economical
  • The qualitative & quantitative data count
  • Wider coverage


  • A better understanding of your customer requirements
  • Scope for immediate sales closures
  • Helps in reducing the marketing costs
  • Fosters telemarketing through updated b2b phone numbers
  • Boosts your sales

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