There is a saying that goes, "Data is as good as the information it holds"

Appending services are not just add-on services, but they are as common and main-stream as the main services. Appending services for an organization not only helps in maximizing the value of the existing data or adding multichannel information but also increases the response of the audience as they connect trough the multiple channels. This could probably be one of the coolest things where it actually increases productivity for the organization or brand.

Appending services can include several things. Some of them are Email Appending services, Phone Appending services, Postal Address Appending services and Social Media Appending Services.

With Pegasi Media Group Appending Services, You Can

  • Reduces chances of email bounces by delivering regularly verified data
  • Increasing traffic to website from new customers
  • Increase revenues with targeted email reach
  • Always stay one-step ahead of your competitors

Email Appending Services is basically using emails to put across the services or using emails as a marketing tool to sell your product. It is simple and efficient though, but gaining information about the customer only helps the organization to act according to the traffic generated. The key to online business success is to gain access to a delivery driven, accurate and up-to-date email database that ensures that all marketing messages are communicated to relevant buyers and customers. Phone Append Services basically includes a fast and appropriate method of getting the most out of the contacts records. Phone numbers and postal addresses are added based on the name and identification of the customer. This helps the organization to analyze the prospect well and helping his co-workers and the brand loyalty to be maintained as he can decide how relevant a campaign can be to the customers.

    Features of our appending services

    Pegasi Media Group provides you with the following features with the appending services which come handy for your marketing campaigns

    • Cleans up the errors and removes duplicate data which avoids confusion
    • Adds new customers to your database
    • Fills up the missing fields
    • Helps in data segmentation into multiple selects
    • Track the lost contacts.

      Business Appending Services:

      • Contact Appending
      • Email Appending
      • Phone Appending
      • B2B Email Appending

      Benefits of our appending services

      Pegasi Media Group allows you to enjoy the advantages with the appending services

      • Save your money on data management costs and maintain 100% quality
      • Get connected to the relevant and genuine customers online and offline
      • Overwhelming responses in your marketing campaigns
      • Bring your accuracy and relevancy to perfection
      • Reach out to the audiences who are interested in buying your products and services

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