Mailing lists may involve categorizing the target audiences to make marketing and contact much easier, but pre-packaging, how does that change anything? Just as a Cadbury Dairy Milk is packaged well to avoid insects from gnawing through, it is important to package your data into email lists to help the organization retain the quality of the content that is created.

About a quarter of marketers surveyed are sending broadcast email campaigns to professional women with no differentiation or targeting. So, how does multi-channel marketing really help with this? Well, to your surprise it is rather more essential when it comes to organization. These are lists that are created by the professionals and are updated at frequent intervals, right after analyzing the prospects. However, this very concept of updating is more to do with relevant information as well as being at par with the market.

With Pegasi Media Group Pre-Packaged Lists Services, you can

  • Less investment and more returns
  • Get what your marketing channels want
  • Increase business performance
  • Get improved marketing results with industry-specific

A recent study shows that accurate pre-packaged databases can reduce marketing costs by almost 46%. These pre-packaged lists are basically special value lists that provide more attractive pricing as we have already compiled and continue to update them for common list requests.

Getting a re-packaged list is not hard as it really sounds. But, as an agent, why would you really want a pre-packaged list? Only because it organizes your target audience well and makes it easy for the organization to market their products accordingly, well, probably not just that. It is authentic, accurate and is compiled from reliable sources like the government and the public listings and filings. Its multi-purpose feature allows it to be used for telemarketing, email-marketing, direct mailing and marketing campaigns as well.

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