Use Email Prospecting And Reap In These 7 Rewards!

Let us begin with explaining the term email prospecting. As complicated as it may sound, it is essentially just a technique of sending tailored and customized messages to your target individuals. Sending emails as a sales activity is a well known marketing tool although not the only one for generating business. Mundane emails just clutter the inboxes of your prospective customers and chances are that you too will get lost in this clutter. So, putting some thought and plan into this tool can avoid this situation for you and reap in big benefits for your business at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of email prospecting:

1.It helps you get more organized!

For all the sales people, data lists are the basic template that they have to work on. This means that they have huge amounts of data as their starting point. From a salesperson's perspective, you would know that when it comes to emails, one size does not fit all and customers expect differential and personalized treatment. This is actually an opportunity for the salespeople to segment their database and structure it under various heads including demographics. This is a onetime exercise done for the sake of email prospecting but useful in many more ways.

2.It saves time!

Sending emails is a very easy job. Don't you agree? This makes email prospecting an extremely time and effort efficient tool. If you consider the time that you take to send these emails to reach your widespread audience and derive ROI from this, you are sure to get a high score on the ROI. The fact that emails also spans distances and time zones makes it even better.

3.It forces you to think about your brief to the prospects!

While sending emails, there are certain limitations that have to be considered like the limited time and attention that your prospect will give you. This pushes your business teams to really create a meaningful and informative brief so as to impart the message convincingly in the minimum possible time. This will not just increase the probability of your emails being open and read but will also prepare you for follow ups and meetings that may happen in the future.

4.It does not 'disturb' your prospects!

Cold calling or any other type of communication that involves simultaneous interaction of two individuals might be disruptive for your prospect. Unlike these methods, emails are totally non interrupting and provides your prospect with the option of reading it and responding to it at his own convenience. This works to the benefit of the business in the manner that the choice of opening the email was taken by the prospect, and so the chance of a response or enquiry becomes higher.

5.It compels you to communicate further!

If you send a personalized email to a prospect and you know he has opened and read your email, then it becomes easy for you to follow it up with a phone call. This way the prospect is also already aware of the purpose of your call and you are also better prepared to handle his queries, concerns and apprehensions, if any.

6.It makes calling easy for you!

Once your email has reached the prospect, the introductory part of your message has already been delivered. There are chances that your prospect has a fair idea about the products/services offered by you and has already given it a thought with respect to his requirements. Establishing contact with him at this time will reduce the unnecessary length of the call and will provide you with clear answers, both in case of a 'yes' or 'no'. Even if your call ends up in voicemail, there are chances that the professional will get back to you with his response.

7.It is impression forming!

There always exists the possibility of your campaign not reaping returns. If there is a conversion that does not come through in spite of your efforts, you should not fret over it. Rather, be happy about the impression that your professionalism would have left on your prospect. Ensure that your email states your intent clearly so that if the prospect is ever in need of a product or service that you offer, the name of your organization should be his top-of-the-mind recall.

The number of benefits that email prospecting carries; it comes with its own share of effort also. Estimates say that at least six or more attempts are needed to reach the concerned person and achieve a conversion. So, keep all this in mind and get ready to create path breaking campaigns!

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