The Twitter Blunders that Sales People Make and Their Solutions

Twitter has become one of the main sales tools for the marketers to engage their leads or prospects effectively. It not only engages the customers but also it makes the research about the different industries and keep with the latest and relevant news feeds. Twitter has also become a tool for marketing a product or service all over the world and branding their enterprise like never before.

However if its not used in the right manner in the correct platform, it may not possess the maximum benefit. There are some of the things the marketers or sales people may go wrong while doing advertising in twitter so. They are:

1.Not following the right prospects and targeted companies

A persons popularity is measure by the number of followers he has on social media profile. So you have to connect and follow the prospects and even the people you would like to get in touch with. So first of all, you need to describe your targeted audience and later engage them with a cold-call or an email. Just like you follow your prospects, you should also be able to follow some companies whom you are interested to sell. You should be ready with all the information they provide or tweet relating to sales opening.

2.Not engaging with your prospects

Following the prospects and then disappearing is not considered to be a right way. So once you have followed and connect with your prospects, it becomes important to engage them and motivate them in the same manner. You should make an effort to link with a small number of high quality and any other creative written resources. You can also interact them with re-tweeting, replying to their tweets or by favoriting them. You can also create a strategical name which will be related to your business.

3.Not searching and adding the Industry #Hashtags

You need to check out the articles that everyone are buzzing about related to your product or service and search for the right keywords which cab loop your business expertise. Schedule a #YourBrandTips twitter regularly. This could run like a blog chat where a prospect from your company hosts a chat on twitter about the topics you are offering and will be useful to reach whom you are trying to connect with.

4.Sending the direct messages too soon or sending the automated direct messages

It is too creepy to send the message as soon as someone follows you or vice versa. So you need to first warm up your prospects before you start contacting them directly. Instead you can engage them with other ways like retweeting, sharing etc.It is also a bad idea to send the automated messages to each and every one following you, because modern sales is all about the personalized and customized messaging. You should know the purpose of those prospects and later engage them with the messages which they are interested in.

5.Not staying active on tweeter and incomplete bio

You just have to think of 160 characters for the bio in twitter. You just need to have a mini quality insight, your value proposition, companies twitter handle and even the relevant industry hashtags. Incomplete bio may give your prospects a negative feeling and also not staying active on twitter may lose the interest of your follower.

6.Not conducting the live tweeting conferences or the events

One of the best things a sales person can do is to enable event attendees to tweet their reactions and feedback and strike up with real time conversations. From this, you will certain gain more number of followers and you may even end up getting a new lead or two. Keep replying to your prospects and search for the hashtag on twitter to virtually attend.

7.A bad picture and no profile link

You need to have a picture related to your posts if needed. A bad image or an unrelated photo may have a negative impression on your followers. There should also be a proper link posted which can help the prospect to engage with you easily. This makes the prospects contact you through the channel they prefer.

Henceforth, these are all the mistake sales people do while they are publishing or advertising their brand image on twitter. You have to keep up with the notifications and you should not make any excuse or behave in a bad manner with any of the followers in twitter. Some tactics are always a better idea and some will teach you how to develop your twitter network and participate with the community. Twitter marketing strategy will help you become more productive and successful using twitter for business


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