Most of the companies have no issues, while generating leads and prospects. But the major issue starts with is converting those leads and prospects in customers, buyers and clients.


The following proven mythologies can help you covert leads and prospects into customers.

Timely Follow-Up:

According to a Lead Response Management study, the magic number here is five minutes. A five-minute lead response means youre four times more likely to qualify that lead than after a 10-minute response, and a staggering 21 times more likely to convert than after a 30-minute wait.

Timely Follow-up will increase your closing rate and increase your client’s satisfaction. Follow-up with well organized task allows you to leverage your sales professional's time and boost their productivity, and the outcome will lead to more sales with less efforts.

Start generating more leads today by applying your own timely follow-up marketing methodology.

Listen First, Sell Later:

Make sure you totally understand your lead, about their challenges and expectations before offering a solution. What is being said and what isn't said, listen for more possibilities to sell/serve better.

As the best exercise, sales professionals should be in touch with their existing clients to monitor fulfillment. Reps should always ask questions such as; Are you pleased with your service Are you able to meet your sales goals this year? The responses will provide hints about further products and services that may be beneficial. Most of the customers are not familiar with your product and service line, so listen carefully to direct them with appropriate capabilities from your organization.

Tell a Story

We have all fallen sleep at-least once during the course of time, while having speech or presentation. Professionals should learn how to get presentations and public speaking right. One of the best ways to execute this is to have stories, better stories to connect with audiences, which are easier to identify than facts and figures. You can make your audiences focus more by telling good stories. Its all about them - Not You.

Tell a Story

Talk more about how people are doing exceptional things with your product, instead of talking about how big your company is. Express your audience how well they can use these lessons to get phenomenal results.

Take Away

Follow-Ups are an essential part of any sales cycle, but intelligent follow-up go beyond just mechanical calling and automated emails. The most successful sales people make their follow ups for their prospects. By reaching your prospects with multi-channel marketing strategy, you can not only make your own follow ups much more effective but also lead them to bring more future clients than you expecting and building long-term accomplishments.

How Pegasi Media Group Can Help You

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